A publication of the Radical Philosophy Association

The RAISE Act: Protecting First-World Privilege via Strategic Racism

The new immigration legislation will not achieve its ostensible goal. The criteria it proposes for new immigrants thinly conceal its racist motivations.

by Grant J Silva

What Price Greatness?

Our military expenditures do not “make America great” but impoverish us at home where education, health care and other essential services fall to the level of an underdeveloped country

by Richard Schmitt

From “Homelands” to Humanity

Right-wing preoccupation with a “home,” defined through exclusion of undesirables, yields counterfeit community.

by Joan Braune

Why Police Abolition?

An argument for abolishing the police.

by Brandon Absher

Keep America White Again

An examination and critique of the central myths behind Trump’s immigration policies.

by José Jorge Mendoza

Not Another Left-Wing Publication!

An example of how RPA Mag can be used to further undergraduate teaching.

by Richard Schmitt

In Love with Hopelessness: A Letter to Comrades Regarding the Women’s March

A critique of “conservative leftism” and masochistic purism.

by Tanya Loughead

Editors’ Introduction

Introduction to RPA Mag from the editors.

by Brandon Absher