A publication of the Radical Philosophy Association

About RPA Mag

RPA Mag is a publication of the Radical Philosophy Association (RPA). Our mission is to make timely, provocative interventions into public debate. We therefore publish accessible, short, and timely pieces by radical philosophers on a once monthly basis.

The Editors

  • Tanya Loughead, Professor of Philosophy, Canisius College
  • José Mendoza, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts – Lowell
  • Richard Schmitt, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Brown University
  • Brandon Absher, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, D’Youville College


We accept submissions for publication from anyone who is currently a member of RPA. You are welcome to join.

If you are new to RPA Mag and plan to submit for publication now or in the future, you should sign up and create an online profile. To do so:

  1. Visit the signup page.
  2. Enter your name and email address when prompted.
  3. You will be sent an email which will confirm your email address and allow you to log in.
  4. You may add an image, bio, and other details to your profile. We encourage authors to do this; however, it is not required.


Submissions should be radical responses to a current issue, popular culture, and/or pieces representing radical views of concern to radical philosophers based upon the goals and mission of RPA. Submissions should generally be 200—1,000 words long.

To submit a piece for editorial review:

  1. Visit the submission page.
  2. Enter the title of your piece and indicate a few topics which you would like to have associated with your piece (e.g. Socialism, Feminism, Venezuela).
  3. Write or paste your piece in the Write text area.
  4. Use Markdown to style your submission and to include footnotes or images.
  5. You may view a preview of your piece by selecting Preview.
  6. Editors will leave comments for you to let you know whether your piece has been accepted and what revisions might be necessary. Please check your submission for editors’ comments.
  7. You can submit revised drafts by selecting your submission from the list, then selecting the (New draft) button.