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Assistant Professor

Brandon Absher

I am an Assistant Professor at D'Youville College. I am the Co-Chair of the Radical Philosophy Association and an editor of the RPA Mag. My research interests lie mainly within 20th Century Continental Philosophy. I am a longtime activist against exploitation of labor, war, prisons, police violence, and environmental devastation and have worked with such organizations as the Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition, No Borders Collective, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Mountain Justice, the Prison University Project, and Berkeley Copwatch.

A Plea for Realism

The Case for Revolution in a Time of Rapid Climate Change

8 months ago

The Philosophical Is Political: A Response to Agnes Callard

An argument that philosophers should sign petitions

11 months ago

Can Philosophy Survive the Neoliberal Academy?

Analyzing the situation of philosophy after the neoliberal redefinition of education

1 year ago

RPA Statement in Support of Angela Davis

Angela Davis deserves the Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award

1 year ago

The Humanist Argument for Socialism

An introductory discussion of socialism and how to avoid co-option.

2 years ago

Civility and Repressive Tolerance in the Trump Era

An analysis of the contemporary meaning of civility.

2 years ago

Gun Control, Abolition, and Transformative Justice

A radical Left response to gun violence

2 years ago

On the “White Working Class”

Deconstructing the stereotype of the “white working class.” An important reality check!

2 years ago

Why Police Abolition?

An argument for abolishing the police.

2 years ago

Editors’ Introduction

Introduction to RPA Mag from the editors.

2 years ago