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Assistant Professor

Brandon Absher

I am an Assistant Professor at D'Youville College. I am the Co-Chair of the Radical Philosophy Association and an editor of the RPA Mag. My research interests lie mainly within 20th Century Continental Philosophy. I am a longtime activist against exploitation of labor, war, prisons, police violence, and environmental devastation and have worked with such organizations as the Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition, No Borders Collective, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Mountain Justice, the Prison University Project, and Berkeley Copwatch.

Understanding Accountability: The Case of Police Brutality

Cynthia Kaufmann presents a theory of accountability with reference to police brutality

3 years ago

A Plea for Realism

The Case for Revolution in a Time of Rapid Climate Change

4 years ago

The Philosophical Is Political: A Response to Agnes Callard

An argument that philosophers should sign petitions

4 years ago

Can Philosophy Survive the Neoliberal Academy?

Analyzing the situation of philosophy after the neoliberal redefinition of education

5 years ago

RPA Statement in Support of Angela Davis

Angela Davis deserves the Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award

5 years ago

The Humanist Argument for Socialism

An introductory discussion of socialism and how to avoid co-option.

5 years ago

Civility and Repressive Tolerance in the Trump Era

An analysis of the contemporary meaning of civility.

5 years ago

Gun Control, Abolition, and Transformative Justice

A radical Left response to gun violence

5 years ago

On the “White Working Class”

Deconstructing the stereotype of the “white working class.” An important reality check!

6 years ago

Why Police Abolition?

An argument for abolishing the police.

6 years ago

Editors’ Introduction

Introduction to RPA Mag from the editors.

6 years ago