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Keep America White Again

An examination and critique of the central myths behind Trump’s immigration policies.

by José Jorge Mendoza5 years ago

On the “White Working Class”

Deconstructing the stereotype of the “white working class.” An important reality check!

by Brandon Absher5 years ago


Why criminal convictions should NOT have immigration consequences

by José Jorge Mendoza5 years ago

An Orgy of Hypocricy

Why “nice nationalism” is just as bad as it’s vulgar twin

by Richard Schmitt5 years ago

Against the Trump Administration’s Attack on Migrants and Asylum Seekers

Trump’s family separation policy must be connected to legacies of racism and genocide and the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers must be defended.

by Elvira Basevich4 years ago

Civility and Repressive Tolerance in the Trump Era

An analysis of the contemporary meaning of civility.

by Brandon Absher4 years ago

The Only Reasonable Philosophy of Migration is a Radical Philosophy of Migration

A vision for a radical philosophy of migration.

by Alex Sager4 years ago

Migratorial Disobedience

The Fetishization of Immigration Law

by Grant J Silva4 years ago

On “Wealth” and Whiteness

Why Trump remains the richest (read “whitest”) man in America

by Grant J Silva2 years ago